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Handyman Service Tips

Handyman Service Tips

Handyman service tips that save you money. So, you have a list of home repairs and/or home improvements and you now need a handyman service in Charlotte. You’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepped for his visit in order to conserve your time and money.

What follows below is exactly how to take full advantage of the handyman service tips you can get the optimal bang for your money.

handyman service tips

Book Several Small Projects During The Same Visit

Most Handymen service companies add a trip charge or they may charge more for the first hour of work. When you book a number of different jobs for the same visit, it spares you from having to pay that fee or higher rate the next time you use them. Many handyman providers also provide discounts if you book them for a half or full day of work.

Coordinate Materials Before Their Arrival Time

Coordinate materials before your handyman service time of arrival

Considering that most handymen charge by the hour, if there is anything you can do to prep for their arrival, it can spare them time and save you money in the long run. Acquire all materials, paints, etc. the handyman will require to complete the job. Devote an area for the materials or arrange them by room, if he will be doing work in multiple areas.

Clear Out The Areas They Will Be Working In

Living room corner with chair and two windows.

As soon as the handyman has arrived, you’ll start being charged, and usually by the hour. To save on time and money, it’s a good idea to clear the area he’ll be working in. Move any necessary furniture, rugs, baskets of clothes– just about anything that could potentially get in his way and add time to his job by having to move it.

handyman service tips for homeowners

Be Organized, Clear and Concise

Be organized, clear and concise with your handyman service

It’s a good idea to create a list of tasks you need done and to clearly define what it is you need. Don’t just jot down “Paint the bedroom.” You may have more than one paint. Which color will he be using? Is he painting the whole room or just an accent wall? Which wall?

See? Things could get confusing, so it’s best to accurately outline what you need accomplished and where and go over it with your handyman once he arrives. Walk through the house with him as you’re explaining what you really need. Give him the in-depth list once you’ve done the walkthrough so he has it for reference. If the list is detailed enough, he won’t have to come find you for questions.

Be Available If The Handyman Need You

If your handyman does have concerns, make sure he’s able to locate you. Go about your daily tasks, but don’t head to the neighbors, take a nap, or go outside where he can’t find you. Make an effort to stay in a central location so if he needs your feedback, he can easily find you. Remember: time is money!

Don’t Forget To Prepare For The Upcoming Seasons

While at the same time your handyman is currently there working on other things, you might as well take advantage and make sure to cover all your bases.

Do not forget when using our handyman service tips to get ready for upcoming seasons. Here is a quick checklist you might want to ask the handyman about:

  • Caulking windows to weather-proof
  • Do you need a pressure washer service in Charlotte
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Gutter guard installment to prevent seasonal clogging.
  • Deck and Porches: A handyman can replace broken boards, apply a finish or sealant and improve or upgrade your deck or porch’s safety and appearance.
  • What’s on your honey-do list? We ‘d like to help you check some things off! Contact us today for more information on our handyman service.

Of all the handyman service tips listed here finding one that is both competent and reliable can be cumbersome. In our area, the best handyman service in Charlotte,  provides free affordable no-hassle detailed quotes.

Ceiling Fans Are Great Year Round!

Ceiling Fan Are Great Year Round!

A ceiling fan boosts cooling in summer and heating in winter. The result: You feel more comfortable while you conserve on utility bills. And installing them yourself is much easier, kudos to new, sturdy hanging systems and electronic controls. We show you how to stay clear of common pitfalls when installing one yourself.

You don’t have to be a “Casablanca” aficionado to appreciate the charm a ceiling fan can bring to your home. And you can enjoy a fan all year long as it creates a welcome breeze in the summer and circulates warm air in the winter.

Ceiling fans (technically called “paddle fans”) used to be frustrating to install, to
say the least. Most of the time you had to wing it because specialty hanging systems were improperly developed or nonexistent.

Nowadays, most manufacturers have developed versatile mounting systems that take the headache out of installation. When you add in the spruced up, stronger ceiling boxes, you’ll find that practically any ceiling fan can go up quick and easy on any ceiling, sloped or flat.

Try to steer clear of common pitfalls like putting on parts in the wrong order and forgetting to slip shrouds on ahead of time. Some mistakes are more serious than these for instance standard electrical boxes or blades suspended too low can be downright dangerous.

ceiling fans are great year round

In addition to the fan, you can purchase accessories like electronic controls, elegant light packages and furniture-grade ceiling fans.

Put up a new fan in a leisurely Saturday afternoon

If all goes well, you can put up a ceiling fan in a couple of hours, including
cleanup. In the majority of the cases, the entire job will take only a hammer, a screwdriver, a 3/8-in. nut driver and a wire stripper.

Most of the time, the wires that supplied a previous ceiling light fixture are sufficient for hooking up a new fan. If you have a wiring arrangement that’s different from ours and you are unfamiliar with wiring techniques, get in touch with an ceiling fan installer in Charlotte or building inspector for help.

There may be small variations, particularly when it comes to the light and blade mountings, so you’ll still need to consult the instructions provided with your fan. As with any other electrical work, you may need an electrical permit from your local building department before starting the job. The inspector will tell you when to call for an inspection.

Tips On Hiring House Painters

Tips On Hiring House Painters

Tips On Hiring House Painters | How To Find & Hire Quality House Painters

One of the first tips on hiring house painters is know exactly what needs to be painted. It is a good idea to establish what part of your house you want to get painted.

tips on hiring house painters

It is crucial that you consider everything you want to get done before you contract house painters. For instance, if any necessary repair needs to be made in that area, remember to tell your painting contractor about it.

  • Choose your desired colors and paints that you would desire the house painters to use. Visit a paint store or home centers to check out the paint charts and decide on what you like. If your hired professional painters offer you some advice about the colors and paints that you are using, remember to take it seriously.
  • Prospect a slew of good Charlotte house painters. Ask for recommendation from your friends or relatives who have dealt with house painters before. Contact them one by one and question them about their services and how they work. You will perhaps even find some good painters in your area, if not; you can always use the internet.
  • After you let your painting contractors know, they will then evaluate the site and make an appropriate quotation for the painting job. Make sure that your contractors are quoting on what you want.
  • It is also highly recommended to have refers about the contractors that you will hire and ask them about their professional services and how they work.
  • Always pick the painter that’s in your budget plan and has a previous good record of painting houses.
  • It is crucial that you make a clear and exact contract stating whatever work you want to get done with the costs, deadline, paint brands, colors and number of coats included ad then get it signed by your professional house painter. The agreement can also specify that the painters are in-charge of getting rid of extra paints from surfaces and cleaning up, to avoid spending any extra money alter on.
  • Prior to the professional house painters come to your house to do their job, make sure you have already moved all of your furniture from that area. And covered them up properly. Keep these quick tips in your mind the next time you hire professional house painters!

When looking for a professional affordable house painting service in Charlotte be sure to always verify the house painters references

TV Wall Mount Installation Tips

TV Wall Mount Installation Tips

Here are some TV wall mount installation tips that might come in handy. There are very few things that look as good as a wall mounted Plasma or LCD TV. Many of us believe that we have the skills and the tools to successfully mount our own TV. In fact, the whole process takes about an hour to complete if you have everything readily available. The real challenge is stepping back and letting your $5,000 TV hang on the wall with nothing but your workmanship skills keeping it up there as gravity constantly pulls at it.

TV Wall Mount Installation Tips

However, you will be delighted to know that it has been and will continue to be done. You just need to have the right kind of TV Wall Mount Installation Tips at the ready and you are good to go.

Get the right mount for your set

The first thing you need to know is that your regular picture hook will not get the job done. Neither will any random wall mount. You need to get a wall mount that has the right weight rating for your TV set. That means that you need to find out how heavy your TV is. As a general rule of thumb, LCD TVs tend to weigh less than Plasma TV. A 42 inch LCD will weigh about 45-60 pounds while a Plasma of the same size will go up to about 80 pounds. When getting the wall mount, use the weight of your TV as the guiding factor.

In fact, the best idea is to buy a wall mount from the TV manufacturer. Most, if not all of them, have wall mounts that are specifically designed for their own TVs. You can trust that these mounts have the right weight rating and are study enough to get the job done. Now all that remains is how well you can mount it on the wall.

Secure the mount properly

This is crucial. How well you secure your TV mount on the wall will determine who loses the fight between you and Gravity. Make use of an electronic stud finder to mark wooden studs hiding behind your wall. Only secure mounts on the studs and never on plaster or drywall. You can use the smallest drill bit you have to make pilot holes that will help you hit the studs. You will feel resistance after going through the drywall and you should see wood shavings. Unless you have a self-leveling mount, feel free to use a bubble level to ensure that your mount is not crooked.

Positioning your TV

This will depend on what you like, but professionals advice that a wall mounted TV should be placed about eye level when sited. You can place it a little higher, but no more than 15 degrees above your eye level when seated otherwise your TV watching may become a chore. Also, it is advisable to place it in the center of the entertainment area. You can determine how well your TV placement is by mock mounting a piece of cardboard that is the same size as your TV.

Hide the wires

You need to buy a power bridge kit or an IWPE (in-wall power extension). This is the safest way to hide all your wires and power your TV. Do not drill a hole in your wall and run the wires through that because it is against the National Electric Code (NEC) and it is a fire hazard.

And there you have it, simple and straight forward TV Wall Mounting Tips.

Several companies provide TV mounting in Charlotte.

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